Top Construction Companies in Houston

Have you been searching for a commercial construction, industrial construction, service, maintenance, or even risk management position but are unsure which company is right for you? As voted one of the top ten placed to work, this makes Polk Mechanical one of the top construction companies in Houston. We are proud to offer our employees incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and create an extraordinary life.

Polk Mechanical’s Ideology 

Unlike some construction companies, our core purpose goes beyond just making money. We hold ourselves to high values built on partnerships and built for performance. Our principles guide us to follow four main ideologies.

First, customers for life. We believe that customers go beyond a project; they are for life. We treat all of our customers as though they will be with us forever.

Second, count on us. We are tenacious and committed to providing for our customers and making their dreams a reality.

Third, do the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing can mean tough decisions, but we are committed to finding the right balance of what is best for everyone.

Last but not least, make it safe. Safety is a top priority 100% of the time. We ensure that our employees are highly trained and provided with the proper assistance to minimize risk and keep everyone happy and safe. 

Why Are We One of the Top Construction Companies in Houston?

Polk Mechanical has become one of the top construction companies in Houston because of hardworking people like you. We treat our employees like family and provide long-term stability and educational opportunities for our staff to continue learning, growing, and building a satisfying life.

 How Can You Join Our Team?

 If you are located in the Houston area or are looking to move, this is the right place to be a construction worker. Houston Agent Magazine reported that Houston was ranked the second best city for construction workers in 2021 and the process for joining our team is simple.

Step #1: Read our Career Page to see what benefits we can offer you!

Step #2: Review our Current Openings to see if your area of expertise is currently in demand. If it isn’t, you can always opt-in to our job opportunity emails to receive the latest information as it arises.

Step #3: Complete the application process and get ready for a callback!

For more information on how you can become a member of the Polk Community, we encourage you to visit our website.

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