Upon reflecting on our accomplishments over the last 10 years, it is astonishing how much we have accomplished together. Over the last decade, we recorded nine consecutive years of record revenue growing from $57 million to $159 million. Grew Polk Nation from a dedicated following of 350 to over 550 employees (plus their families). We were honored with three National Safety Excellence Awards and two National Safety Pinnacle Awards.

For those that know the way my mind works, these incredible results now set the floor for what we know we are capable of accomplishing and establish minimum targets for us to achieve in the next 10 years. Undertaking such an admirable task will require not only that we do more, but also that we do better. We will have to raise our game, if we want to raise our results.

Three powerful words,

are at the heart of our 2021 theme. Change your latitude goes beyond doing more (quantitative) and is driven by a desire to raise our standards and do better (qualitative).

As we begin this quest to RAISE OUR STANDARDS, we will have the discipline to:

  • Turn our SHOULDS (do when comfortable and convenient) into MUSTS (do at all costs)

  • Develop RITUALS to build muscle memory for the behaviors that drive top performance

  • Translate BIG CHALLENGES into small steps to build momentum and keep from getting overwhelmed.

The journey ahead will be exciting.

Raising our game, our expectations, and our standards will propel our company to new levels of achievement, performance and growth. The future will be here before you know it – Let’s get going!!

fran mccann

Fran McCann, President/CEO