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What will serve as your source of inspiration for 2020?

Here’s what inspired me…

This summer, our family vacation took us to Jackson Hole Wyoming. As a part of that trip, we hiked the Teton Mountains, floated down the Snake River and visited a national treasure – Yellowstone National Park. While there, we were awestruck by the natural beauty and grandeur that surrounded us – it was majestic! We saw everything from mountains and massive canyons to powerful waterfalls, geysers and even grizzly bears.

On one of our stops, we came across a sign at the trailhead to “Inspiration Point”. It was on that trail that we saw some of the most beautiful views of the trip. Those views made the difficult hike worth the climb and inspired the theme for 2020.

Ever since our 10-year anniversary back in 2013, we have been on an expedition to transform our company and have accomplished many of our aggressive goals (ahead of schedule). We also collected many souvenirs along the way, like 7 years of back to back record growth, total recordable incident rate of ZERO (over 1 million man-hours without a recordable injury) and over 3 years and 3 million man-hours since our last lost time injury, growth in our service maintenance base and record company backlog. We are so very proud of our team for all these accomplishments and believe we are just starting to scratch the surface of our capabilities.

As we head into our 2020 year, our challenge is to not only think about our next milestones, but to reflect on something more important than that – the source of INSPIRATION that will serve as the fuel for the next phase of our journey to do the important work we do.

Four Key Items for Reflection:

year end celebration

What do we want to be celebrating at the end of 2020? At the end of 2023 (our 20 year anniversary)?

north star

What is our north star – who are we trying to become as a company, what does it look and feel like beyond the numbers?

the why

Why are we in business? What are we trying to accomplish? If we stopped today, would it be enough –if not what work is left to do?

You are on stage accepting a lifetime achievement award for contributions you have made through your work, what is the achievement and what are you saying at your acceptance speech?

compass We are committed to building a company that looks and feels different from any other company. A place that employees wake up energized each morning to be a part of. What is it about this company that would inspire you to hike the steep trail to inspiration point?… and what majestic things will you see when you get there?

I look forward to the great things we will accomplish in 2020 and beyond as we start up the trail to INSPIRATION POINT.

Fran McCann, President/CEO