2021 was a tough and challenging year for our company. After 9 consecutive years of record-setting performance, our winning streak was finally broken. The impacts of operating in a post COVID economy (supply chain shortages, vaccine mandates, price inflation, workforce shortages and a few self-inflicted wounds) affected our performance and now require that we rethink our strategy if we want to continue to win (and we do).

The rules of the game have changed and so it is time for us to change. 2022 will be the start of our NEXT GREAT ADVENTURE, where we will set out to transform, accelerate and differentiate our company and restore our history of peak performance.


    Fixes the past
    Anticipates the Future


“The world is changing very fast. It is not that the big will eat the small anymore.

– Rupert Murdoch


  1. Think unique: How do we do things different from our competitors and how do we do the same things differently?
  2. Better is good
    Different is better
    Different and better are best

Polk Nation was strong going into the pandemic, and we will emerge even stronger and more prepared for a bright future. We will not let the challenges of the past year be a stumbling block, but instead a steppingstone to all the great things we will accomplish in the years ahead.

And so, the adventure begins…..

fran mccann

Fran McCann, President/CEO