Base Camp is a great place to catch our breath from the journey our company has taken over the last ten years. A place where we will gather supplies, plan out our route and get ready for the next leg of our climb. As we rest up and gather strength for the next push to the summit we can look back and reflect on the trail we have already blazed, learning from the successes and stumbles experienced along the way.

At the same time, we can look forward to the next peak, where we will remain focused as we take our company and our employees to a higher elevation – ELEVATION 82,648.

Elevation 82,648 is the theme for the next 10 years in our company’s history and is representative of our drive and desire to reach higher heights, accomplish new milestones and establish new traditions on our journey through the next leg of our climb to becoming a greater company. The significance of 82,648 is that it represents the number of hours between January 1, 2013 (our 10 year anniversary) and January 1, 2023 (our 20 year anniversary). So, as time passes we can gauge where we are in our climb to the top and how much progress we’ve made. Progress in the areas of financial performance, safety, customer service and employee experience.

picksummitPICK A SUMMIT

Before we start the climb, we’ve got to PICK A SUMMIT. The power of picking a summit is about setting goals that clearly define the new heights we will reach as a company. It serves to ignite the passion and energy necessary to endure the journey through uncharted territory and overcome obstacles along the way. This is a journey about reaching our full potential.

gearupGEAR UP

Next we must GEAR UP. Gearing up is about gathering the tools and supplies we need for the next leg of our journey. This is where we take the time to map out our route, develop our plans and assemble our world class team.

climbonCLIMB ON

And finally it is time to execute on the plans we’ve laid out and CLIMB ON! But smart climbers know that with higher summits come higher risks and in turn higher rewards. Our goal is not just to get there, but to get there safely. So, when the conditions are right we will take up the slack in the rope (meaning we’ve got the right team, materials and know-how in place) and get ready to Climb On!