Time to Climb

2 years ago when we rolled out our Elevation 82,648 theme, we set into motion a plan to take our company to higher heights. That year, we were in base camp where we gathered the tools, supplies and talent to prepare ourselves for the next leg of the climb. Like the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, we knew we had to make some adjustments if we were going to successfully tackle the next leg of our climb.

Since that time we filled open staff positions, restructured our organization and put the right leadership in the right places. We executed on our Power of ONE initiative. We invested in and implemented new technology to make our processes more efficient, give us better visibility to our metrics and allow us to scale our operations without sacrificing service to our customers. During this time we also invested heavily in the development of our people (as evidenced receipt of the 2015 DFW Top Trainer award by the Construction Education Foundation) to ensure our team has the correct skills to function effectively and thrive at much higher elevations where the oxygen is thinner and the storms more intense.

As the leader of this noteworthy expedition, this is the moment I’ve dreamt about, the moment we have so carefully planned for …..and so now that the preparation is complete – IT IS TIME TO CLIMB!

TIME TO CLIMB is our rally cry that reminds us it is time to execute on the plans we have so thoughtfully prepared. This is the year we will break out to a new elevation and start the journey up a steeper incline of growth ahead of us. In 2016 we expect to see a significant jump in in our business from the $77M of FY 2015 to a new peak of over $93M in revenue for FY 2016.

I could not be more proud of our team and the way they have pulled together in an effort to accomplish great things for our company, our customer and our team.

Climb On!


Fran McCann, President/CEO