Plumbing Jobs Dallas Trade Workers Want

 “Great customers and great people. Recommend them to anyone looking for a great career job.” – Nathan Melnick, Polk Mechanical Employee

There are companies that do the bare minimum for their employees, and then there’s Polk Mechanical. Our wide list of openings, deep employee appreciation, career growth opportunities, and more make Polk one of the best industrial and commercial construction companies to work for. Learn more about why we have the plumbing jobs Dallas trade workers want.

Employing all Experience Levels

At Polk, we offer jobs for every position from apprentices to foremen to supervisors. No matter where you are in your construction career, there’s a place for you at Polk. Furthermore, we’re also proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Appreciating each Person

We know teamwork makes the dream work, and at Polk, we go above and beyond to make our employees feel appreciated. For example, that’s why we offer bonuses and giveaways, as well as hosting an annual holiday bash or giving gifts to celebrate our employees and all their achievements.

Offering Career Growth

Along with career guidance and internal growth opportunities, we strive to empower each of our employees to keep climbing the career ladder. Through partnerships with the Construction Education Foundation and others, we give company paid educational opportunities to expand your skill sets and set you up for success. Our opportunities for growth show why we’ve got the most rewarding plumbing jobs Dallas has to offer.

Providing Competitive Benefits

Our award-winning safety program is only one of the many great benefits we offer our employees. In addition, we give company matched 401(k)s, medical/dental/vision insurance, holiday pay, and more. Further, we hold our employees to high standards. That’s why we have high standards when it comes to our benefits.

Overall, there’s a reason why Polk was named a 2020 Accredited Quality Contractor, and these are just some of them. If you’re interested in applying for the plumbing jobs Dallas trade workers want, then contact Polk today.

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