Millennials in Construction: A Blueprint to a Better Future

Millennials have been called many names, but being labeled a construction worker is typically not one of them. In fact, the average age of construction workers is about 40-years-old, which poses a huge problem for our industry. It’s no secret that the majority of the trade industry is aging out, and there are not enough millennials (the largest generation in the U.S. labor force) signing up to fill this shortage.

Why aren’t millennials in construction jobs?

There’s a variety of reasons as to why millennials don’t consider construction a viable career. For one, high schools aren’t offering craft training and apprenticeships like they used to. Without the early introduction of trades to high schoolers, they have a lack of awareness on their career possibilities. There is also a large stigma placed around going into the trade industries and not pursuing a college degree. This negative view could stray them away from a practical and fulfilling career in construction.

Millennials also value different workforce standards when it comes to a career. Their need for a work-life balance, a purpose, career growth, a sense of belonging, and authenticity are much different than the needs of previous generations. But, this does not mean that a job in construction lacks any of these qualities. In reality, millennials in construction may be happier than those in other jobs because of how construction careers align with these wants.

What benefits are millennials missing out on?

Whatever the reason may be for pushing aside a career in construction, there is a slew of benefits to convince this generation to get their hard hats on. In 2017, Construction managers earned an average of $85,385, significantly more than the average national salary of $52,065. This industry offers great pay without sacrificing the work-life balance millennials crave. Millennials in construction don’t have to give these things up in order to have a lasting and fulfilling career. There are plenty of construction companies that will pay top dollar for willing workers, but Polk Mechanical is set apart from its competitors in how we treat our employees.

What makes Polk different from its competitors?

We respect each and every person that is a part of Polk Nation, and that is reflected in our values. At Polk, we do what is best for our employees, whether it be in the benefits we offer, our work-life balance, or our day-to-day operations. Giving our employees the opportunity to grow in their career is crucial to us, as we want you to succeed and rise in the ranks. We also want you to feel like you’re part of the family and to give you a sense of belonging that other companies can’t. Becoming a part of Polk Nation will give millennials the greater sense of purpose they are looking for.

Construction is the building blocks for the future, as it’s done on behalf of the community to ensure quality living standards. Polk goes beyond the duty of construction by giving back and actively participating in community initiatives. The authenticity millennials are looking for may not be in the typical desk job, but may be in the honest work of a construction job. It’s not too late to look into a career change, especially one that could help pay off student loans. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, start your career at Polk and join the growing number of millennials in construction.

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