How to Get Into Construction

The demand for skilled craft professionals in America is high, and it’s never been a better time to be in the trade industry. If you’re wondering how to get into construction without any prior trade knowledge, you’ve come to the right place.

Why start a career in construction?

Construction can offer you many benefits and is an honest day’s work, so why is there a trades industry shortage? Shop classes started disappearing in high schools, meaning less kids were getting exposure to the trades. Many don’t think about getting into construction as a career because they’ve never had a proper introduction to it. Plus, the majority of workers are aging out of their jobs and into retirement. This increased demand in construction means higher job security.

Aside from job security, starting a career in construction won’t land you in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, unlike most four-year institutions. Additionally, while you’re learning on the job and working as an apprentice, you get paid. You’ll start off your career with a higher starting salary than most graduates without the burden of student loan debt on your shoulders. Now that you know why construction work is a viable career option, let’s dive into how to get into construction.

How can I get a career in construction?

Regardless of your age, experience level, or generation – that includes you millenials – you can start your career in construction now. If you’re in high school, take any career and technical education classes offered through your school. There is a chance your school may not offer such courses, so you’ll have to go to a local tech school to receive credits. (Make sure the courses are NCCER accredited – the industry standard for construction certification.) For those out of high school wondering how to get into construction, you’ll need to find a tech school or trade association in your area. Find a craft certification program that matches your interests and get enrolled! This could include anything such as:

  • HVAC
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Heavy Equipment Operations
  • and more!

Why apply to Polk Mechanical Company?

Polk Mechanical offers careers to all experience levels in the industry! We are supportive of anyone looking for how to get into construction and those who want to further their education. Our partnership with the Construction Education Foundation helps enhance careers and provides a well-rounded education in the crafts industry for a low cost. We also offer Honing Skills workshops to help further your education throughout your career in the trades. To learn more about these benefits we offer, watch the videos below!

Now that you know how to get into construction, what are you waiting for? The opportunities await you at Polk Mechanical. Learn more about starting a career with us here.

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