The Construction Market Boom: Dallas and Houston

It may not come as a surprise that New York topped the list for the biggest building market in the country in 2019. But, did you know Dallas and Houston followed in the number two and three spots for the largest construction markets? The construction industry is becoming more lucrative and rewarding than ever in these two Texas cities, and both places happen to be where Polk Mechanical has offices.

What was 2019’s construction market data for Texas?

Texas is experiencing a big period of development, and its construction boom is having a ripple effect into 2020. Five of the 11 fastest growing cities in the country are located in Texas. So, it’s no wonder that the construction industry is having to grow to keep up with city demands. As a result, this growth led to almost $22.5 billion spent on construction. According to The Dallas Morning News, this number is unheard of for the DFW metroplex, and it’s been this high for the last 4 years. Additionally, Houston was close behind with $18.7 billion in building, ranking them the third highest in the construction market.

Why have a career in construction?

Business is booming, and with that comes a need for workers to fulfill industry demands. Jobs in construction are not only lucrative, but are also rewarding if you work for the right company. At Polk Mechanical, we offer a variety of benefits like competitive pay and career building opportunities. We care about our employees and support our team members in every way we can. Aside from the benefits, construction is honest work with endless opportunities.

Why work for Polk Mechanical?

We only do work we are proud of at Polk, and there is nothing more gratifying than finishing a job with the upmost quality. Therefore, we build with high standards because the work we do affects literally thousands of Texans. In short, if you’re interested in a job that means more, you’ll want to work in the construction industry. If you’re also interested in working for a company that cares, apply for a job with us today. No matter if you are experienced in the field or not, we have something for you in the Dallas and Houston construction markets.

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