Volunteer for the 2017 Special Olympics Texas: Greater Dallas Spring Games

Since 2013, Polk Nation employees, their families and friends have volunteered at the Special Olympics Texas: Greater Dallas Spring Games, an area-wide competition for over 1,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities.

special olympics texas
This year the event will be held at Cedar Hill High School on Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Where: Cedar Hill High School
1 Longhorn Blvd.
Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

When: Saturday, April 29, 2017
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Are you interested in participating in this eventful day of fun and hard work with lots of smiles and hugs? Do you know any high school or college students in need of community service or volunteer hours? This event is a rewarding way to meet those requirements.

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Special Olympics Texas is a year-round movement, holding more than 300 competitions annually on area, regional, and state levels. Since 1969, Special Olympics Texas has brightened the lives of both athletes and volunteers.

Some of Polk Mechanical’s past volunteers were interviewed about previous year’s events:

Kriste Underwood

How many years have you volunteered at this event? How did you get started?

“2017 will be my 5th year. I got started with John Standley and went around asking for volunteers back in 2013. Started out as a simple, “Hey, come and help out” and I thought it would be a great time to give back.”

Why do you keep coming back to volunteer?

“Watching a kid or even an adult give 100%, whatever that is, and being able to celebrate the excitement and pride that they have every time they step into the ring is so rewarding for me. They are so innocent and genuine in their reactions. It’s amazing to watch and be involved.”

John Standley

How many years have you volunteered at this event? How did you get started?

“My future wife got me involved with the Special Olympics 13 years ago.”

What do you do as a volunteer for this event?

“I have probably done almost every job in the softball throw from shagging balls, measuring throws, judging for fouls, keeping score, and running the station.”

Why do you keep coming back to volunteer?

“I keep coming back for the joy on the participants’ faces. These people are full of love and most just want a hug and some encouragement.”


Want to learn more? Visit the Special Olympics Texas website.

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