Polk Nation,

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued their ruling on the vaccine mandates and overall, it was great news for our industry, our company and each of you.

The OSHA “vaccine or test” mandate for all employees was blocked by the Supreme Court and is now off the table – this is a big victory!!

At the same time, they granted the request to allow vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and contractors working in certain healthcare facilities. We are currently able to meet these requirements with our vaccinated Polk Nation team members and expect that will continue.

The favorable ruling from the Supreme Court doesn’t change our commitment to keeping our employees safe and we still highly encourage you to get vaccinated for your safety, the safety of your family, and your co-workers. We are working to increase our vaccinated population to continue to support our customers that have those requirements.

Once vaccinated, please send proof of your vaccination status to vax@polkmechanical.com, so we can add you to the roster of employees that can be sent to customers with vaccination requirements.

Stay Safe and congratulations on a big victory!!!!


Fran McCann

President / CEO



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