Texas Builds – Supporting the Texas Construction Industry

In January 2017, The Associated General Contractors of America launched a new campaign to promote the Texas construction industry. This new campaign is called “Texas Builds”, and relies on testimonials from dozens of workers throughout the state to highlight the many great career opportunities available, the good wages workers earn, and the industry’s commitment to and improvement in safety.

The A.G.C. of America created this campaign to help promote the benefits of an industry that continues to struggle with labor shortages.

Brian Turmail, the association’s spokesman said, “What the men and women who work in construction across Texas have in common is a tremendous pride in the work they do and a real commitment to the safety of their co-workers. This campaign lets the state’s construction workers explain the benefits of working in an industry that pays better than most and is improving safety faster than most other states.”

“Texas Builds” is driven by a series of videos featuring different aspects of working in the Texas construction industry. In this four-video series, dozens of testimonials provide insightful information about the industry, career opportunities, the steps worker and their firms take to ensure safety, and a comprehensive look at the industry as a whole.

The campaign website includes analysis of pay rates by craft and cites federal data of the Texas construction industry’s pay levels, which are 10 percent higher than the average non-farm job. The national association plans to distribute the videos and campaign site link via email, social media, and paid advertising.

At Polk Mechanical, we are proud to be a part of the Texas construction industry and will show our support of the “Texas Builds” campaign every Tuesday with a #TexasBuildsTuesday social post. We encourage everyone to participate and share along with us.

Turmail said, “For too long, this industry has been defined by outsiders’ mistaken impressions of what it is like to work in construction in Texas. The idea with this campaign is to give construction workers an opportunity to share their success stories, brag about what they have accomplished and make it clear that working in construction is a high-paying, rewarding career opportunity others ought to consider.”


Together, we can inform the state of Texas about how a career in construction is exciting, safe, and something to be proud of.

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