Press Release – Jon Grime Promoted to DFW Commercial Group Manager

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX – May 2, 2011 – Polk Mechanical Company, is proud to announce the well deserved promotion of Jon Grime to the position of DFW Commercial Group Manager. Jon will be responsible for the day to day operations of the commercial construction business in the DFW area.

One of our company’s guiding principles is the commitment to provide employees with opportunities to grow and be successful. That commitment combined with an employee that has a driving ambition to take on more responsibilities and tackle different challenges sets the stage for great things to happen for both our employees and our company. Over the past year Jon Grime has been instrumental in providing support in key areas of our DFW commercial business, developing relationships with new customers and bringing fresh ideas to the group in the areas of Lean Construction and project delivery methods like Integrated Project Deliver (IPD). IPD is a new and exciting project delivery method that allows us to team up with general contractors, the design community, owners, and our electrical partners to design, manage, and construct a project. Jon has been front and center as we journey into the IPD environment.

Additionally, Jon has been working hard with other clients and customers and recently has either booked or has letters of intent on close to $15M in new work.

“ Jon is fiercely loyal to this company and the people that he works with. Jon will tell you that he still has a lot to learn, and while that might be so, his humility is just one more trait that makes him a good leader. “, Yancey Jones, Vice President DFW Construction Group

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