How the Plumber Shortage is Hurting Construction Companies

Plumbers are as essential to a construction company as an engine is to a car; you won’t reach your destination without them. Plumbers are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to building any type of structure. Unfortunately, a national plumber shortage is causing these much-needed roles to become increasingly difficult to find. 

This is due to a variety of factors, from lack of direct educational courses, to the recession, to the negative stigma placed around trade professions. Now, the Copper Development Association (CDA) estimates that over half of America’s trade professionals are near retirement age, and low interest among millennials for plumbing careers means the gap to fill these jobs is only widening.

plumber shortage statistics

(“An aging skilled workforce is retiring, and young people aren’t pursuing careers to take their place.” Survey found in HomeAdvisor.) 

The Plumber Shortage Effects

With the number of plumbers becoming increasingly smaller, it will be more difficult to both find and hire high-quality professionals. The plumber shortage will force construction companies to raise prices to attract and retain plumbers. With high competition for securing plumbers, subcontractors could be enticed by bonuses to work for other industry employers. 

Companies are being cornered to raise prices or lose their subcontractors and have to forfeit business projects. Even if companies are able to raise prices, projects will still take longer to complete, and deadlines may not be met. A survey in The Dallas Morning News states that “almost 70 percent of Texas firms said they have increased pay in the last year” due to the labor shortages

plumber shortage survey

(A majority of Texas construction firms say they can’t get enough labor to meet their needs. Survey found in The Dallas Morning News.) 

While government and corporations step in to fill the plumber shortage and meet the projected 16% increase in trade professions by 2026, construction companies need to embrace innovation in the meantime. Technological solutions can cut costs and allow companies to dole out the higher expenses for plumbers. The implementation of drones, artificial intelligence, automated machinery, and enhanced collaboration software could help construction companies save money. Cutting costs early on will help businesses lessen the damage caused by an ongoing lack of plumbers. The only way to keep up with demand in this plumber shortage is by using smart technologies to evolve and keep driving your business forward in an industry that’s being pulled back.

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