National Men’s Health Month

June is National Men’s Health Month! Polk encourages the men on our team to focus on their health in a variety of ways. We have compiled these Top 4 Polk Strength Tips to a balanced and healthier life.

Building Polk Strength

#1: Take Preventive Action

Proper health maintenance is preventive, not reactive. What does this mean? It means you shouldn’t only go to the doctor when you are sick! Not only do we recommend getting annual physicals in addition to seeing your eye doctor and dentist at least once a year, but Polk provides those screenings as a part of your benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Learn more HERE.

We also recommend taking the time to compile a comprehensive medical journal about yourself. Not only will it provide you with a greater understanding of your health and possible pre-conditions, but it will also be an incredible asset if you need to switch doctors or provide your children with their medical history. Your journal should include your:
– Family medical history
– Immunizations
– Past surgeries
– Test results (blood, screenings, etc.)
– Past and current medications
– Past and present medical problems or concerns

#2: Practice Regular Exercise

A strong body is critical to do the work we do at Polk and is vital to your overall health. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key components to your physical STRENGTH.

Since everyone is wired a little differently, we encourage you to find a physical activity that brings you joy. That could be working out at a gym, swimming, dancing, running, HIIT workouts, pickleball or golf, if it gets you on your feet, you are headed in the right direction!

#3: Find Ways to Destress

Stress can occur at any time for various reasons and can present itself in numerous ways, making it hard to recognize for some. While a bit of pressure can be motivational, chronic stress can lead to long-term health problems on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Therefore, Polk encourages adding activities in your daily routing that reduce stress That could be anything from going on a walk, meditating, journaling, cooking, or some other form of relaxation – find one that works for you.

If your stress seems unmanageable, remember that through the Polk employee assistance program (EAP) you have access to licensed therapists. You do not have to wait until “something is wrong” to speak with a therapist; preventive therapy could prevent that “something is wrong” before it happens.

#4: Spend Time with Loved Ones

Your loved ones are an abundant source of joy in your life. To build your Polk strength, you should spend time with your family and friends. There are many fun and unusual things to do here in Dallas and Ft. Worth that will help you get on your feet (exercise) and have fun (destress)! You get three benefits for the price of one!

Follow Polk Nation & Become Stronger

In honor of National Men’s Health Month, we will spend the month sharing tips and advice on how to make sure men are caring for themselves physically, mentally, financially, socially, and spiritually. Stay tuned by following our social media and the #PolkNation to learn more and see how you (or any men in your life) can improve your overall health and wellbeing.


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