Polk Nation Project Overview: Medical City Dallas Construction

Polk Mechanical Company is proud to participate in the renovation and expansion of Medical City Dallas Hospital for the Hospital Corporation of America. The Medical City Dallas construction project started in October of 2016 and is located at the Forest Lane exit of U.S. Route 75. The project has three different phases, each with their own scheduled completion dates:

  • Women’s Tower Vertical Expansion: March 2018
  • North Tower Renovation: October 2018
  • Women’s Tower Renovation: June 2019

Over the course of the next two years, the construction team will add five floors to the existing 7-story Tower D at Medical City Dallas, expanding the hospital’s women’s services capabilities. Then, we will renovate the top three levels (7, 8, & 9) of the adjacent Tower A, while connecting the two buildings together. Finally, we will renovate the 7th story of Tower D (the Women’s Tower).

The entire project will provide 28 new post-partum rooms, 2 nurseries, 19 NICU rooms, 4 C-section operation rooms, 19 labor and delivery rooms, and 12 larger VIP post-partum rooms with attached private family rooms.

How is Polk Nation Involved?

Polk Mechanical was brought onto the team 6 months before the project began to help the design team investigate the facility for the best ways to tie the new construction into the existing mechanical systems and streamline the rest of the construction project.

Our engineers evaluated the (then) current plumbing, HVAC, and medical gas systems, then worked with the architects to draw up official designs. As each floor is poured throughout the project, Polk Nation team members will ensure that the foundation, walls, and ceilings are properly prepped, then will install the new mechanical systems.

Out of the 140 people working on this construction project, 77 of them are Polk Mechanical employees. We are extremely honored to be a part of this large renovation and expansion project.

We Can’t Do It All Alone

Polk Nation is proud to partner with the following organizations in this construction project:

As you drive through north Dallas, make sure to check out our progress through the coming years.

All the companies working on the Medical City Dallas construction project understand the pride that comes with a career in the construction industry. When finished, the our work on the Women’s Tower at Medical City Dallas will touch the lives of parents and hundreds of newborns. It is amazing to think that our work will be part of the first experience of so many new lives. How we carry out our job matters to those who will frequent Medical City Dallas, it is a great honor to be entrusted with such important work.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Polk Mechanical if you are looking for a mechanical subcontractor or a fulfilling career in the construction industry.

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