The Mechanical Services Company with Paid Training Options

No matter what level of expertise you’re at, there is always room for improvement. New techniques and tools are being introduced continually within the mechanical services industry. So, whether you’re just starting out as a plumbing apprentice or you’re the plumbing superintendent, we ensure that you’ll have all of the knowledge and expertise accessible at Polk Mechanical.

The Importance of Career Growth

One’s full potential is always being tested and stretched. Working in construction at a mechanical services company like Polk offers many paths to a fulfilling and secure career. Our mechanical services company cares about each and every employee and we provide many career growth opportunities to take advantage of.

If you’re itching to expand your expertise, we will pay for your training. We have internal training options led by the masters of each craft for familiarity with Polk processes. Our Honing Skills Workshops provide everyone at Polk with a chance to collaborate and learn from one another in a group setting. It allows for camaraderie throughout the company while also supplying Polk Nation with the tools for growth.

For further instruction, we also work closely with the Construction Education Foundation (CEF). Our partnership with CEF is deep, as John Grime is the Chair-Elect and Fran McCann is the Past Chairman of the Board. This organization focuses on developing the next generation of the construction workforce. They promote educational pathways to careers in construction for both high school students and adults with all levels of experience. There are a variety of programs and apprenticeships to look into that will work with your schedule for optimal learning opportunities.

By the Numbers

94% of employees stay loyal to companies that are willing to invest in personal development. We don’t take this lightly. Once you accept a position at Polk, you become a part of Polk Nation—a family of skilled trade crafters and project leaders providing mechanical services to the state of Texas. We encourage our employees to build their lives and careers with us, and that means long-term employment.

74% of employees consider a lack of development programs to be the reason they’re not unlocking their full potential. At Polk, not only do we see the full potential in all of our employees, but we encourage them to grow into it.

There are various career pathways to pursue in skilled trades. If you enjoy being hands-on in the field, then we’ll promote your development in your preferred trades. Or, if you’re ready to take on management positions and work more directly with clients, we’ll set you up for success there too.

An Employee-Centric Mechanical Services Company

The workforce is finally recognizing the value of supporting employee growth; we plan to always stay ahead of that game. If you’re interested in developing your career with on-the-job experience and learning opportunities, look into the available positions we currently have.

We are always looking to fill our talent pipeline with diligent tradespeople that support the culture we’ve cultivated since the beginning. Through continuing education and support, our mechanical services company ensures company strength and individual growth.

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