Do Construction Jobs or Plumbing Jobs Pay Well?

Thinking about starting a career in construction? Looking into various construction jobs or plumbing jobs? If so, chances are you’ve done your research. Unfortunately, you may find that some people give the construction industry a bad name.

Before you turn your back on a fulfilling and lasting career in construction, Polk Mechanical Company would like to shed light on the reality behind the construction industry. Not only is it a thriving industry, but it is also one that rewards its workers.

Myth #1 – Construction Jobs Don’t Pay Well

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Polk Mechanical Company values its employees and wants to reward their hard work. No matter what level you start at, we want to help nurture your growth and success.

Perhaps you’ve been looking at various plumbing jobs? If you’re just starting out, don’t let educational costs hold you back. With programs like CEF, you’ll receive the hands-on learning and training to truly develop and hone your skills. Most importantly, it will allow for you to get started earning money as an Apprentice plumber. CEF allows you to focus on your professional growth and to save your hard-earned money. As you begin earning the necessary licensing and certificates, your pay increases quickly and dramatically.

Once you work your way up in the ranks, or if you’re already starting further up, you’ll soon discover that Polk Mechanical Company has your back. Journeyman plumbers can earn wages in the $30+/hour range, but your career growth doesn’t have to stop there! Many of our employees work their way up to manager positions where, of course, the compensation only increases.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe asks, “[Do you] want to make six figures? Become a plumber.” While it may come to you as a surprise, it makes sense. Mechanical companies have an extreme demand for skilled trades but an incredible shortage of people to fill those construction jobs or plumbing jobs. Therefore, your skills are incredibly valued, and you should be rewarded as such.

With educational opportunities, generous compensation, and full benefits packages available, know that jobs in the construction industry can and do pay well.

Apply for a job today to see if you have what it takes to join the Polk Nation!

More Myths Debunked


Still having concerns about a job in construction? Call us today for more information, or stay tuned for future blog posts tackling more construction job and plumber job myths. We’ll be covering career growth, construction safety, construction culture, and women in construction.

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