Dallas Construction Jobs

Did you know that over 35,000 construction jobs were created in Texas from 2018 to 2019? Texas is a growing state with an endless need for new infrastructure and capable individuals, like you, to build it. Polk is looking to you to fill the demand for Dallas construction jobs. Do you think that you are up to the task?

Dallas Construction Jobs

The Dallas construction jobs chosen by Polk go beyond just making money. Polk prides itself on demonstrating its values that have been built on partnerships and built for performance. Our guiding principles are to create customers for life, to do the right thing, for customers to know that they can count on us, and to make it safe. As an employee of Polk working on Dallas construction jobs, you can take pride in the work you are doing and know that Polk is there to achieve the customers’ goals and to benefit the #PolkNation community.

Polk Nation

Working for Polk is not just another job; it is a community designed to benefit its members. Our employees are important to us; we believe in recognizing their hard work, helping them achieve long-term stability, and encouraging them to enjoy their work each and every day.

At Polk, our Dallas construction jobs offer competitive pay in addition to holiday, overtime, and vacation pay. We also offer a company-matched 401k, paid bereavement leave, a bonus program, and other financial benefits. Plus, we believe in helping you grow your career, which is why we offer company-paid education and career guidance!

Of course, it isn’t all about money. Polk is adamant about keeping our employees safe and healthy, on and off the job site. Our award-winning safety program ensures that our employees are protected to the fullest extent while working. Plus, we offer health and wellness benefits, company-paid life insurance, prescription drug coverage, and a live MD available to you 24/7.

Lastly, we believe in building our #PolkNation community so that members and their families can connect with us and each other inside and outside of working hours. When it’s safe, we sponsor quarterly employee lunches. Plus, our usual year-end holiday party is a joy for the whole family to attend.

Are you looking for Dallas construction jobs? We encourage you to follow us on social media and check out our job openings. We would love to have you join our #PolkNation family!

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