Construction Jobs in Houston

The United States is continuing to develop at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to construction. One would think that significant construction areas would be limited to big name cities like New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, or Miami; however, the city with the third largest building market in 2019 was Houston, Texas. As the building market continues to grow, more and more construction jobs in Houston become available. As a result, there is a wide range of opportunities for many individuals, possibly even you! 

Why Work in Construction?

 Are you wondering if you should get involved with construction jobs in Houston? Construction work is lucrative and rewarding, especially when business is booming! The Texas construction industry created over 35,000 jobs last year, with $18.7 billion spent on construction in Houston alone. You can take advantage of this rapidly expanding market by beginning—or continuing— your career with Polk Mechanical.

Polk Mechanical

Polk Mechanical is the leading construction firm in Houston. We are a close-knit Polk Nation family and we provide our team members with various benefits, career growth opportunities, and outstanding on-the-job safety. Whether you are brand new to the field or are an industry professional, take the time to consider what we have to offer. 

         Polk Nation 

Polk Mechanical is an equal opportunity employer that appreciates and recognizes all of its employees. At Polk Mechanical, you are not just another time slip; you are a member of the #PolkNation family. We offer a wide range of benefits to give you the best opportunities for your career and your life, from competitive pay and company-matched 401ks all the way to fantastic holiday parties.

         Career Growth

At Polk Mechanical, you have the opportunity to grow your skill set and your career. We offer company-paid education, career guidance, training scholarships, internal promotions, and much more. We want you to come build with us and construct a better future!


Your safety is our top priority. We ensure that all construction jobs in Houston are safe for you to work effectively and efficiently without worry. At Polk Mechanical, your protection extends well beyond the job site. We offer wellness programs for all of our employees, including a live MD for virtual and telephonic doctor visits from the comfort of your home 24/7.

Join a Company That Cares

If you are interested in joining a company that cares about you, apply for construction jobs in Houston with us today. We want you to join the Polk Nation family!

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