Best of Construction Companies in Dallas

Want to work for one of the best construction companies in Dallas? Polk Mechanical is the place you want to be. Named the 16th fastest growing company in Dallas by the SMU Cox School of Business, Polk is the up-and-coming mechanical company where everybody wants to work. Not only is our business growing rapidly, but we make it a priority to take care of our employees with generous pay, great benefits, educational opportunities, and more. Keep reading to see why Polk is the place for you!

Valued Employees 

At Polk, we are constantly in awe of the passion for craftsmanship and service exhibited by our employees, who work tirelessly and selflessly behind the scenes to advance the success of our company and our customers. To reward them for their hard work, we make sure to provide them with everything they need!

We offer a competitive salary, Medical/Dental/Vision insurance, schooling compensation, paid holidays, vacation/overtime pay, company matched 401(k), career advancement opportunities, and more! We believe that a company’s success depends upon the happiness of our employees, which is why we continue to provide them with these benefits.

Award-Winning Safety Program

Another reason we are one of the best construction companies in Dallas is because of our commitment to safety. We know how important safety is when it comes to working on construction job sites, which is why we implemented an award-winning safety program to show our employees how much we care.

We have an absolute belief that a zero-loss workplace is possible. We believe that if we can go one day without a loss, we can go every day without a loss. Therefore, our practices are developed to prevent injury to employees and extend preventing losses to automobiles and damage to equipment and property.

Best of Construction Companies in Dallas 

Do you want to work at one of the best companies in Texas? Check out our careers page to see what opportunities we have open. We can’t wait for you to join #PolkNation!


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